Work in progress

Changing things up

As it's a new year I thought I would kick things off properly by cleaning up the studio and switching the wall I work on from the left side of the room to the right. I Spent the day cleaning, moving furniture around and putting up fresh paper to protect the wall. A new tarp is soon to follow, I just mopped and am waiting for the floor to dry before putting it down.


I've been working on this acrylic painting, "Venus Bathing," after a painting of the same name by Louis-Jean-François Lagrenée from 1776. So far so good.

I'm using this great new blue, or "petrol", from Swiss paint manufacturer Lascaux. It's pricey stuff, but so rich! That's a top-shelf blue, that. Very happy how the Lascaux blue towel plays off the cheaper store brand yellow towel. Only the best for this goddess. The white towel weirdly looks like a ghost. Perhaps I should fix that.