Colorful figures are juxtaposed with domestic objects against bold, painterly color fields which overlay and interact with each other in unexpected ways. The line between representational and abstract is blurred; laws of nature and physics are stretched. This, together with the use of intense lights and darks, conjures up a surreal spatial depth, evoking mystery. 

A vision for a composition typically appears in a flash of inspiration. Through the painting process, necessary symbolic elements often surface, frequently with mystical themes. These are then further explored and expressed in the application of the paint.

Each painting represents a moment embedded within a larger story; an intriguing snapshot in time. Through these glimpses, I invite the viewer to complete the story in their own way, and in doing so to engage with these alternate worlds – to step outside of the mundane into the metaphysical.

Mixed Media Collages

The passage of time and the perception of the past are explored in my process based mixed media collages.

Composed of paper and paint on canvas, the works are layered repeatedly to form strata of color and texture. Each layer comprises a unique painting unto itself, and in the act of repeatedly covering and painting over them I allow these compositions to be lost, sealed within the piece. Once a substantial number of layers have been built up, the surface is excavated to reveal portions of what lies buried within.

I am inspired by archeology and the way secrets from the distant past can be revealed through fragments buried deep within the earth. I am equally inspired by how the distant past is a perpetual mystery – we are never able to grasp the entire picture through the fragments we find, because the greater context has been lost. 

Mirroring these ideas, I uncover small, intriguing glimpses of the deeper layers within my collages to give a sense for what is buried there, while allowing the greater portion to remain hidden. In this way, the old surfaces must be seen through the lens of the new.

Through my work I hope to engage the viewer with questions of what came before – to consider that which is visible, as well as that which is not.

Click here to download   Omissions + Revelations

Click here to download Omissions + Revelations