Doctor Faustus (King Moon & the Rube)

I spent a solid day in the studio yesterday fleshing out Doctor Faustus.

At this point the surface needs to dry before I can continue. I need to be able to mask parts off and it's currently impossible, the tape won't stick to the surface. Other areas are so fresh it would smear the paint and make a mess. I tried to add some translucent stripes over the right side of King Moon (currently just one messy blue stripe) and you can see how the paint got under the non-sticking tape, uuug. I don't hate it, it's okay if there's a messy stripe or two, but I'd like at least some of them to be nice and crisp like the solar rays in the upper left. 

Also need to complete the Rube's chair/cube/thing that he's sitting on. Soo much to dooo.